About Me

Hi, I’m Jose from Miami, Florida. Welcome to my blog.

I just love sports, and collecting bits and pieces of stuff related to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a baseball card, a ball, jersey, bat, hockey mask, poster, picture, or sneakers. If it’s related to sports, I got it. My collections range from products readily available in sports shops up to the rare signed memorabilia.

Because of my obvious true love for collecting stuff, or addiction to it, I decided to make a blog about it, which you are in right now. So what can you expect from it?

My aim is to share the joy of collecting sports memorabilia and ordinary sports merchandise. This caters to both for my fellow enthusiasts in collecting sports stuff and to new ones who want to learn some tricks associated with sports collectibles.

I will be featuring here my experiences related to my interests. Then, if you visit my blog regularly, you might stumble upon a real gem here, because I will also give you tips on how to make money from your hobby. It will be based on my knowledge on the matter and wisdom imparted by other more experienced collectors.

See you around!