Sports Cards

Top 3 Reactions Almost Every Sports Cards Collector Gets

I am pretty sure that this one doesn’t come up very often in your everyday conversations, does it? Have you ever told anyone that collecting sports cards and memorabilia is one of your main hobbies? If you have, then you probably faced one of three typical reactions. So, what do these three typical reactions look like, and how can you recognize them? If you would like to see the explanation, then make sure to read on.

The First Reaction
The first reaction is probably the least typical one out of them all. It is actually one very simple question that people ask you, and that question is ”Why?”. You will probably get this question from people who don’t collect sports cards, and the reason why you are most likely to get this question from such people is that they don’t really understand why you do it. You can give them several different explanations why you love collecting sports cards and memorabilia, but chances are that some of them will never quite understand it.

The Second Reaction
Have you ever told someone about your hobby, and their reaction was ”I have a lot of sports cards in my closet. Should you check them out!”? Although people who say this may or may not fully understand your love for collecting sports cards and memorabilia since they are giving you the opportunity to check out what they have, you should take full advantage of it. There is absolutely nothing wrong about that since they gave you the permission to do so.

The Third Reaction
This one is mostly geared towards female sports card collectors. If you are a female sports card collector, you probably know a person or two who are surprised by your hobby. Some people just simply don’t understand that when it comes to collecting sports cards and memorabilia, there is no difference between men and women.